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when we say vertical wagyu beef company,
 we mean it. 

Booth Creek Wagyu is on a mission to elevate the idea of farm to table. We own the entire process from genetics, herd development, specialized wagyu feeding, processing, to retail and distribution, with data collection at every stage. Our team of wagyu experts knows what it takes to create the best product. Click to learn more about our businesses.


join us for the wagyu summit and production sale
September 27-28
Manhattan, KS

Our first production sale will showcase the very best of our herd. We are a beef company first and foremost, and with this in mind we are always looking to develop wagyu cattle and genetics that will increase the profitability of our supply chain. We have carefully accrued carcass, fertility, and performance data through our system to prove these genetics, and we are excited to share this value with the wagyu industry.


The catalog will be an offering of unique pedigrees and exclusive genetics. Many of the lots offered will be tied to carcass data within our system, or future carcass data through full siblings or progeny currently in our feedlot.


We are excited to share fertility, feed efficiency, performance, and carcass data that we have accrued so far, and in the future, with our customers, to increase the value of the cattle and genetics offered in our sale.


We invite you to join us for the two-day event, and look forward to sharing our program with you.

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