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The headquarters of our ranching operation is the 2300 acre Booth Creek Ranch. We utilize this home ranch for all our breeding, embryo production and fall calving.


Within the headquarters is a cutting edge embryo production facility. This gives us the opportunity for volume  embryo production, along with large scale embryo transfer within our program and our cooperative recipient herds.


We utilize our 4 satellite ranches, consisting of 3000 acres of prime flint hills pasture for our late spring/summer grazing.  These satellite ranches are all located within 30 minutes of the headquarters, allowing for efficient herd management.

Our Crew


Dave Dreiling

Dave Dreiling, Owner and CEO, a lifelong business and outdoorsman, purchased Booth Creek Ranch in 2005 for the purpose of hunting the game animals of Kansas. However, in 2020 a few too many hands raised at his uncle's Wagyu auction led to a new business adventure and the hunting ranch was soon transformed into a plentiful Wagyu enterprise. Dave quickly started building his resources and knowledge of the Wagyu industry leading him to meet our Director of Ranch Operations, Andrew Coates. Dave and Andrew’s relationship is the perfect balance of businessman and rancher with the same goal in mind, to raise top-quality Wagyu genetics in the heart of the Flint Hills of Kansas.

Andrew Coates


Andrew, Director of Ranch Operations, was raised in the cattle industry on family-owned ranches in central Queensland, Australia. From a young age he was mentored in the cattle industry by his father, and a group of experienced cattlemen employed by his family. It was this exposure to ranch life that ignited Andrew’s passion for raising cattle.

Andrew’s father, Chris Coates, along with his uncle, Simon Coates, founder of Sumo Cattle Company, were pioneers in the Wagyu industry starting with a purebred herd in 1992. Chris was an accomplished embryologist and performed embryo transfer and genetic development on many of the original Fullblood Wagyu cattle imported from Japan to Australia, and was instrumental in the development of some of the biggest and most successful Wagyu programs in Australia today.

This family history and knowledge of the industry was Andrew’s inspiration to develop the very best Wagyu genetics program in the USA. Andrew is blessed with family, his wife Nicole, son Talon and daughter Riley all share the vision to create a legacy in the Wagyu industry. A chance meeting with Booth Creek Owner and CEO, Dave Dreiling, was the beginning of a strong friendship and an incredible opportunity to join forces and develop a unique program for Booth Creek Wagyu Ranch to become a leader in Wagyu genetics.

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